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[Free] Penelope [PC+QUEST] [GoGo]

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This avatar is to showcase my new head: Angel Head by Skulli

This package is available for people that want to edit this avatar
I do not upload free avatars. This avatar and all of my free avatars are in my public avatar world.

Skulli's Avatar World

I release monthly free avatars! Consider joining my server for wips, giveaways, assets, discounts, and more!
I would also love to see any pics or edits you make of this avatar!


Please do not tip! I love giving back to this community and do these monthly free avatars as a thank you for all the support I've gotten throughout my time creating avatars. I appreciate you just checking out/using the avatar ^^ Please consider giving a rating if you do like them~

The weightpaint on the hood might be a bit off so toggle off if it bothers you, working on making it look better!


3.0 Physbones
Creator companion
PC and QUEST included
Bones in hair, ears, tail, hood
Toggles for some clothes and accessories
Extra skin tones
Basic GoGo Locomotion by franada


95k polys
8 MB in game
22 MB texture memory



Do not resell, share files or uploads, or post publicly on VRChat or other websites
Do not resell or claim as your own
No refunds
Do not take any assets off this avatar. Must buy or download from original source.
Always direct to this page
Only for use in VRChat
I am not responsible if future VRChat updates break the file


Body: Koragira
Hair: Nessy
Ears and tail: Cupkake#6666
Cat hood: bunisu - Asset Advent day 13
Dress: novapie
Made by me: head, socks, shoes

//How to upload

Uses the 2019 version of unity
Upload with the creator companion

  1. Import included poiyomi
  2. Import avatar package
  3. Click 'OPEN ME'
  4. Upload!

    If uploading pc and quest make a new project, import quest package, switch build target to android, copy blueprint ID of pc upload, paste into pipeline manager, upload!

My projects are never abandoned and any reported issues are fixed almost immediately with email notices sent out once fixed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if something's wrong - my DMs are always open
@skulli on discord

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However, refunds, chargebacks, and falsifying information to your credit card/bank are not allowed after one week - NO EXCEPTIONS

Refunds are automatically granted if over $10

Last updated Apr 13, 2024

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[Free] Penelope [PC+QUEST] [GoGo]

22 ratings
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