[Charity] Honeydrop [SFW-PC+QUEST]

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CLICK HERE TO DONATE: Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Xerces is a non-profit conservation charity founded in 1971 and is named after the extinct Xerces blue butterfly. Through conservation programs, reducing pesticide usage, working with land owners, training and educating they strive to save pollinators.

DO NOT PAY HERE! DM me, open a ticket, or email me with proof of donation and you will receive this avatar!
If you are not able to donate through the website, message me and we can figure something out

The minimum donation to get this avatar is $5, but you can donate any amount above that.
There is no deadline for donations for this avatar. As long as you send me proof of donation you will get this avatar.

I DO NOT CHARGE FOR UPLOADS - just open a ticket in my server with proof of purchase


Discounts cannot be used on this avatar

This is a collaboration with a few other creators for Earth Day!
Leo by Soupig (red panda)
Marcia by KingShai#6969 (Rainforest)
Merrina by teacake#0840 (coral reefs)

3.0 Physbones
Creator companion
PC and QUEST included
Bones in hair, antennae, straps, honey, thorax, wings
Some handmade assets
Toggles for clothes and accessories: hair clips, belly button piercing, helmet, jacket, shoes, socks, thorax, wings, antennae
When the helmet is on the hair doesn't clip through the helmet, when helmet is off the hair freely moves
Big honey wand and small wand holdable with dripping honey that has bones
Jar of honey holdable
Sparkly and emissive materials
Bee follower that you can toggle to hold instead
Extra skin tones with undertones in file
GoGo Locomotion by franada
VRLabs marker
Organized unity file

10 MB in game
40 MB texture memory


What quest looks like plus the eyebrows on Bunisu's head have been adjusted specifically for quest

Quest disclaimer:
The quest version is missing some features and bones. When I make an avatar I focus on the PC version a lot more. I mostly make the quest version for everyone on all platforms to be able to see the avatar. I do not recommend if you are only on quest. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Do not resell, share files or uploads, or post publicly on VRChat or other websites
Do not resell edits or claim as your own even after editing
No refunds
Do not take any assets off this avatar. Must buy or download from original source.
Always direct to this page
I am not responsible if future VRChat updates break the file

Head: bunisu#4924
Body: Pandaabear#9873 cut mesh
Jacket: .Kanna - rakastan sinua#9999
Shorts: B o o#8584
Helmet: B o o#8584 (nitro)
Hair: Nyakoh#6666
Socks: teacake#0840
Top: Halies#0010
Shoes: moobean#8827
Bee set: bratbun
Tattoos: Vinny's Edits
Matcaps: minichibi and Mowster#9962
Made by me: honey dipper, honeycomb, honey jar with tube, bee follower, bee hairclip, belly piercing


Upload with the creator companion

  1. Import included poiyomi
  2. Import avatar package
  3. Click 'OPEN ME'
  4. Upload!

    If uploading pc and quest make a new project, import quest package, switch build target to android, copy blueprint ID of pc upload, paste into pipeline manager, upload!

How to change skin tone

  1. Import poiyomi (if uploading for pc), import the avatar unity package, then click OPEN ME
  2. In the assets folder, double click the folder that says SKIN TONES
  3. Drag and drop the face tone material onto the face of the avatar in the scene then drag and drop the corresponding body tone material onto the body where skin is showing on the avatar (the matching face and body skin tone are marked with the same number)
  4. Upload!

My projects are never abandoned and any reported issues are fixed almost immediately with email notices sent out once fixed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if something's wrong - my DMs are always open

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[Charity] Honeydrop [SFW-PC+QUEST]

41 ratings