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Umi the Catshark [SFW-PC+QUEST]

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//✩──────────────────────⋆ ˚✮⁺₊⋆★ ⁺₊⋆ ˚✮⋆──────────────────────✩\\

Umi the Catshark

There's also a matching male named Imu!
Couples package available here

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If you've previously purchased Umi DM me or open a ticket to get the updated version for only $10!


I DO NOT CHARGE FOR UPLOADS - just open a ticket in my server with proof of purchase

⭒ ☆ ✦ Features ✦ ☆ ⭒

3.0 Physbones
Creator companion
Editable packages
PC and QUEST included
FBT tested
Bones in hair, chains, anchor, ears, tail
Toggles for clothes and accessories
Extra skin tones with different undertones in file
GoGo Locomotion by franada
Hue shift for eyes, hair, and everything blue
Toggles for most clothes and accessories
Skin tone radial (including a sun burn)
Working water gun with spray
Fishbowl springjoint

Cozy onesie outfit

Grab watergun off hip with fist gesture and spin on finger with fingerpoint

Bubbles hand trails

Fishbowl Sleightlyball springjoint

⭒ ☆ ✦ Stats ✦ ☆ ⭒

18 MB in game
69 MB texture memory
241k polys


Quest disclaimer:
The quest version is missing a lot of features like the marker, springjoint, toys, and a lot of bones. When I make an avatar I focus on the PC version a lot more. I mostly make the quest version for everyone on all platforms to be able to see the avatar. I do not recommend if you are only on quest. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

⭒ ☆ ✦ Instructions✦ ☆ ⭒

Unity 2019
Upload with the creator companion and add Avatars 3.0 manager to the project

  1. Import included poiyomi
  2. Import avatar package
  3. Click 'OPEN ME'
  4. Upload!

    If uploading pc and quest make a new project, import quest package, switch build target to android, copy blueprint ID of pc upload, paste into pipeline manager, upload!

⭒ ☆ ✦ Terms ✦ ☆ ⭒

Do not resell, share files or uploads, or post publicly on VRChat or other websites
Do not resell or claim as your own
No refunds
Do not take any assets off this avatar. Must buy or download from original source.
Always direct to this page
I am not responsible if future VRChat updates break the file
You understand that reported issues will be fixed as soon as possible

⭒ ☆ ✦ Credits ✦ ☆ ⭒

Head/Body: Torinyan
Hair: Cupkake#6666
Hair textures: kri#1214
Cat ears: ElizaByteVR & Atic
Bandaids: B o o#8584
Bikini: Weebshavegay#6969
Sunglasses: OniiGirii#5977
Flip flops: Parsley#8579
Shark tail: D0main
Shark slippers: Virtual Fox
Tropical shirt: KingShai69
Pool floats: OniiGirii#5977
Bubbles: ChimericCurios
Water gun: Cam
Fishbone: moonlight peach#3252
Springjoint system: JustSleightly#0001
Made by me: fishbowl springjoint, eye textures, icons, cuffs

My projects are never abandoned and any reported issues are fixed almost immediately with email notices sent out once fixed. Please do not hesitate to contact me if something's wrong - my DMs are always open
@skulli on discord

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No refunds

No refunds, chargebacks, or falsifying purchase information in order to get your credit card/bank to cancel the transaction

Last updated Apr 13, 2024

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Umi the Catshark [SFW-PC+QUEST]

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